Family Tree Research

We offer family tree research in the UK to suit every budget.

To begin with we recommend our exploratory service to investigate whether enough records exist to make further research worthwhile.

Some records simply don’t exist or have been destroyed. But if records for your family tree do exist, we have a very good chance of finding them.

Once we’ve completed the two hours of research, we’ll report back with our findings. Then we can decide how to proceed and set a budget and scope for further research if needed.

We don’t offer any guarantees of success, and the £20 is non-refundable. However, we do guarantee to put our love and experience of genealogy research to good use on your behalf.

Further research is charged at £13 per hour. We can set a maximum budget before starting so your costs are completely under your control.

Once you’ve paid the £20 using the button below, you’ll be redirected to a page with a form where you’ll need to enter the details of the starting point for the research. You can be the starting person, or an ancestor you’ve already found. It’s important to start from someone you know to be your ancestor. If not, the results will probably not be accurate. The more details we start with, the better the results will be.

All information passed to us is handled with privacy in mind. Your details or those of your ancestors will never be published online by us or shared with anyone except yourself.